четверг, 14 марта 2013 г.

The world, indeed, wouldn't last forever.

I woke up with a start. Rubbing my eyes, I tried to make sense of where I was. I was in a dark room, lit up by just a candle in the corner. How did i get here? "Ahhh!" a scream escaped from my mouth as a few spiders dropped and crawled on my head. I frantically stood up and ran towards what seemed to be a door. Holding my breath, I turned the knob. Locked. Stucked alone with creepy spiders and the door was locked. What a cliche. 
I sighed and decided to look around the room. It seemed to be a girl's bedroom, with walls in glittering pink and majestic high ceiling. There was a table covered with papers and books. The Rows of shelves beside it were also filled with books. God, the bedside table also looked like a mini library with its pile of books, books, and books. I rolled my eyes. Nerd. A toybox laid open beside me. I peeked inside, there were many baby dolls, with curly hair and flowing dresses. Noting the keyhole on the toybox, I resolved to look for a key. 
I started with The Wardrobe. Creakk, the wooden door opened noisily. I couldn't really see what was inside but it was filled with dresses. A few drawers were opened, showing off jewelleries and accessories that would make any girl swoon. I carefully rummaged through a few, now that i had an aim; the key. First drawer: no luck. I noticed that some of the dresses were wet as a few slid through my cheeks. Wet, as though stained. I felt my cheeks, there were also stained. Squinting down at my hands, I noticed they were of gleaming red color. Blood.

Shivering, I looked back at the dresses. Squinting my eyes, trying to make the most out of the dim light, I noticed that the dresses were torn and splashed with oozing blood here and there. The not-so-brave me now took a few steps back and almost slipped as I stepped onto a doll on the floor. Now that I took a proper look, the doll didn't seem normal too. Her dress was torn and there were holes were her gleaming eyes should have been. My head turned back to the toybox. Gasp. They were the same, eye-less and torn.

What is this place? Forgetting the key altogether, I tried to think back how I got here, or who made me, or whatever happened before I got here. I could recall nothing.

Spiders dropped from the ceiling again and i covered my mouth to stop myself from screaming. Where are all these spiders coming from? I looked up, high at the ceiling. A grand chandelier, though dusty and old, hanged proudly in the center. And a figure was hanging on it. A little girl with fuzzy hair laid on it carelessly as though it was a swing. But she was reading a book and seemed to be very absorbed in it. The very scene of it was terrifying. Death, that was the title of her book. Flickering my eyes from her for a second, I scanned the bookshelves. Joy of Agony, Dare to Kill, Blinding the victims..i looked up again. Two shining grey eyes met me. A sly smile curled from her lips, A dagger now in her hand. She took a jump and aimed for the KILL.

I woke up with a start. Astaghfirullah. What a dream. 

It's funny how dreams seem so real when you're sleeping. Like you are really in that moment, and you can feel yourself and sense yourself. And only by waking up do we realise that it was nothing, that it was only in your mind. But everything at that time was believable 

Can that be applied to this world too? The world that we chased everyday, materials and wealth, education, health, wouldn't all that be taken away someday too? When we will wake up in our graves and be evaluated on the Day of Judgement, would this world feel like just a dream? Something believable but the true reality was only Heaven and Hell? 

Wake up and open your eyes to bigger things and you will see that the world is not the most important chase of all.


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